Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Love my Sissy

Kate and I love playing together and cuddling on the couch while we watch a little night time tv.  I am one wild man.  I love playing ball, coloring, um, I mean eating crayons, eating pretty much anything (they don't call me Bubba for nothing), digging through the trash, going for walks, playing on daddy's computer, cooking with Kate's kitchen set, singing and dancing.  Life is good.

Monday, November 22, 2010

13 months old

As of now I have a whopping 12 TWELVE teeth!!! That's a lot of teeth and whole lot of pain for a 13 month old. But as the old saying goes, "No pain, no gain," and I am ready for my steak.

I am kind of walking now. I took my first steps on my birthday and have been taking a few steps every day. I can still get where I want to faster if I crawl. So that is what I do. Mommy catches me practicing my strut every now and then though. I am getting pretty good, I just can't seem to commit.

I am weighing in at a little over 11 kilos, for you Americans out there, that's 24.2 lbs. I am only about 4-5 lbs lighter than my older sister. Yep, I am going to take her down one of these days.

Other than pushing those teeth through, I am one happy baby boy.